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Please Take Me Home - Chapter 7


Summary: Mark’s band, (+44) are headlining are a major tour, with Angels and Airwaves opening for them. Mark becomes close with the Angels and Airwaves frontman, Tom, and things start to heat up between the pair.

Once again, sorry for being so slow. I hope this chapter is worth the wait! [18+ content]

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i'm busting out mark hoppus on what i think he was trying to sneak into "chapter 13"


"And my heart hangs from this noose
Like your footsteps in crowded rooms
Filled with sweet scents of autumn blooms
Is this what you imagined?”

Tom’s footsteps through a crowded room filled with the scents of flowers, and Mark is heartbroken as he watches. Sounds like he’s referencing Tom’s…

Well, those two were like husband and wife back in the day. I’d always tell them that I’d never seen two males that weren’t homosexual so close. And no diss to homosexual people. I like heterosexual people, homosexual people, whatever. But I’d never seen two friends so close or anything like how Mark and Tom were.

Travis Barker (on Mark and Tom’s friendship.)